I always felt that using sincerity to buy love isn’t sincerity.

I came across incidents where people demanded, saying, I have done this and that for you, yet you have the cheek to treat me otherwise!

They use what they have given freely out of love to demand similar treatments of love.

Many people use sincerity in many ways. People who are after their crushs heart often use their sincerity as a selling price, in order for the other party to treat them similarly.

Boyfriends or girlfriends would demand attention if they themselves have given much attention to their partners.

And this sincerity causes many arguments, especially when the person offering that sincerity feels victimized by the other party for not reciprocating.

Really, that kind of sincerity isnt love; thats a loan in order to get something back in future.

If you want to give something or a gift out of true sincerity, there should never be an expectancy to receive anything back, in any shape, form or fashion.

And it should not be time-bound; there should never be an expectancy to receive anything in the future and in the present.

That is true sincerity, and that is love.

And why am I sharing this?

If false sincerity is a source of conflict in your relationship, whether is it with your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, knowing this will help you to avoid this path of endless arguments and ridiculous demands.

You will be more careful not to use what you have freely given before out of love, as a bargaining chip to get something out of your loved ones.

Going after a persons heart with sincerity

There is another aspect of sincerity that we should know.

Many people think that if they are sincere, the person whom they like will be touched by their sincerity and that they will reciprocate these feelings back in response.

Though this is true in some cases, I have come across more people who are disappointed than those who truly got what their hearts desire.

That’s because those who are disappointed think that getting loved is all about sincerity.

However, these people forget the fact that if someone that they don’t truly like, offers the same amount of sincerity to them, more often or not they will reject that person irregardless of the amount of sincerity.

The fact is, we are truly impressed with sincerity only if the person offering that sincerity is already someone whom we value and has a weighty presence.

So if you are always suffering from heartaches, always feeling victimized because all your efforts of sincerity doesn’t seem to count, you need to focus on becoming a person of value to that special someone, instead of trying to sell your sincerity in order to get what your hearts desire.

This will work much better than trying to sell your sincerity.

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