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Had a seemingly simple question pop into my inbox here: Does your lady ever help you answer questions/ read your responses? Considered it carefully, then rejected it as a question, as it doesn’t carry the interest range of some of […]

Ya know, kids and adults really aren’t that different. In fact, the only real difference between the two is how we respond to our impulses. It’s the reason why so many people think that grown ups are acting like children. […]

“The person you’re going to marry isn’t at the club,” a friend once told me. It was a message I was often reminded by friends and my experiences during my days of frequent clubbing. While I agree with the statement, […]

Now that I’m single again, the question of “what to do next” has arisen several times. Each time I return with an answer of, “I don’t know.” What does one person do when they are single? Where do you begin? […]

Sometimes the comments to the answers to questions that are asked provide the best source of blog fodder. Say that three times fast. The other day, I was asked a question about cyber cheating. Namely, a young lady found out that her […]

Since I’m paid to give people advice on the Internet, I take some time out of my day on a regular basis to wander around and read relationship advice elsewhere in this great digital infodump of ours.  And I find […]

This question showed up in my inbox the other day: Why do men cheat? This is not the first time I’ve gotten this question. It’s not even the tenth time. I’ve probably gotten the question more than twenty times in the last […]

It’s no secret that the key to successfully dating (assuming success means ending up in an actual relationship) is finding that person who matches whatever intangibles that you’re looking for in a mate. For some people it’s financial stability, for […]

I get a lot of questions about what guys say versus what they really mean.  So I thought I’d take a moment to answer them, all of them, because, simply, it doesn’t matter what he “really” means.  What matters is […]