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As a man, there are certain things that I am just not built to understand about women. Why it can take so long to get ready in the morning; how two women can seemingly have four different conversations at the exact same time and never miss a beat; why The Notebook is considered a good movie, etc. The list really goes on. But one particular thing I’ve noticed that I don’t particularly understand it this…

…chicks love them a man with some passion.

Now I don’t specifically just mean passion for her, I mean a passion about something in life. If he’s passionate about music, there are entire schools of women out there who will be so excited at his excitement for music that he will instantly become more attractive. I’ve seent it with my own two eyes.

I’ve seen a man talk about how much he loved volunteering and mentoring troubled youth in a room full of women who at that mention began tossing panties in his general direction. Okay, they didn’t actually do it, but you could just see the hearts and souls of these women melting. By the way, the actual practice of tossing panties is actually pretty nasty. If I ever get famous enough where women decide they want to toss panties at me, I may need to hire a flunky to handle all of those undies. He’ll be like my weed carrier, except since I don’t smoke he’ll be my pantyholder.

I’m not completely sure whether or not that statement was gay or not.

Moving on.

There’s something about a man and passion that draws women in. Ironic, because that passion can also be what drives a wedge between them as well, but let’s not talk about negatives. It could be that women tend to view men as being generally selfish and self-centered and devoid of emotion (read: too cool) that when its discovered that a man has an interest for which he actually seems to emote emotions, women are excited and inspired and happy to see something that makes him take off his cool. Nothing moves a chick more than a man losing his cool. She’d prefer it would be over her, but baby steps to the lake will do. Word to Bill Murray.

This is a funny concept to men since women seem to be so passionate about everything. And I do mean everything. Everything matters. Those birds dropping out of the sky that signalled the beginning of the end of the world? Me? I hate bird droppings so now that it’s literal I’m uber annoyed. But women cared and wanted answers.

(Don’t you love generalizations? No? Me too!)

So maybe women view passion as vulnerability since they often let down their guard or take off their cool for us and we rarely reciprocate. A man’s passion is one area where a woman can get glimpse into the inner workings of the male mind and our feelings. So in some way, I guess I get it. Though now I feel like I must go commit a crime to restore my manhood.

Either way, fellas, if you’re having trouble keeping a woman around, (or finding one, let’s keep it real) find your passion in life and share it with a chick. Turns out it might do the trick for you.


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