You’re at the bar having a few drinks with your girls when you spot a cute guy across the bar. You want to get his attention, but in a subtle and classy manner. So what do you do?  Do you walk up to him and try to spark a potentially awkward conversation….or do you trick him into doing the same? With these tips you can grab his attention without uttering a single word. If the proper girl in the hat from ‘Wedding Crashers’ can get Owen Wilson’s attention just by her “eye language” alone, so can you.

Step 1:  Catch His Gaze

You’re gonna need to make eye contact with the guy, but don’t do it by giving him a stare-down. You need to be inconspicuous… glance over in his general direction and if you feel him looking your way, catch his stare. Or if he’s not really looking over your way, nonchalantly look in that direction until you lock eyes.

Step 2. …Hold It

Once you’ve done the hard part and made eye contact, maintain it for a few seconds.. that’s all it takes. Remember, you want to come off as sexy, not creepy, so don’t make it too long. If you can hold his stare (and attention) for longer than a couple seconds, things are looking good for you.

Step 3:  Shoot The Smile

After you’ve locked eyes, keep him intrigued. Smiling is key. Don’t fake it, try to avoid looking like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland — it’s just not sexy. Give him a genuine, mysterious smirk right before you return to conversing and focusing your attention on your friends. Be subtle with it, but make it obvious enough so that he knows you’re sending that smile in his direction.

Step 4: Check Up On It

After about five minutes, return your attention to where he is posted up. Is he still showing signs of interest? If so, make sure he can tell you’re still interested with some more flirty smiling and maybe even throw in a quick wink. Smile with your eyes and work the body language. He should be sending you a drink and/or chatting you up in no time.

And men…don’t forget that learning to flirt with your eyes can be just as deadly in the game of attraction!

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