Make Your Relationship Work

When your relatboringionship first started everything was going great… the sparks were flying, flowers were blooming, and squirrels were mating in the woods.  But lately, things just aren’t what they use to be.  You know you’re bored with the whole thing but you can’t really figure out why.  You can’t put your finger on it.  Well don’t worry cause we’re going to help you out.  Below are the top 25 reasons you need to bail on your relationship ASAP…

25. His voice is starting to remind you of Ben Stein.

24.  You agree to work overtime despite it being you’re only night open for a date.

23.  You’ve already spotted you’re future post-break up fling, and damn he/she is fine!

22. You know that with his genes, having kids just wouldn’t be an option.

21. The phrase “everlasting love” doesn’t cross your mind.

20. The main reason why you were interested in them is because they were interested in you.

19. Your sexy single clothes are calling you from the closet.

18. You’re just staying with them because you don’t want to break their heart. Trust me, you’re not doing anyone any favors by sticking with it.

17. When he starts to go down south all you want to do is turn the TV up.

16. You require some LL Cool J in the background to get you in the mood during foreplay.

15. Even when he’s being cute with you on the dance floor, you know he’s not your Patrick Swayze!

14. They will spice things up when Sarah Palin becomes a liberal socialist.

13. You’re still waiting for Prince Charming.  Well Cinderella, dump this guy’s ass and go find him!

12. You have no interest in further involving yourself in her life, meeting her friends, let alone the pressure of meeting her (sure to be crazy) parents.

11. You have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

10. You get more turned on by the Fabio romance novel covers than you do by looking at your boyfriend.

9. He’s always too tired after work to play some Twister in bed.  😉

8. The only reason you smile when you get a text from them is because you love your new text tone.

7. You’re sick and tired of playing it safe.  Hate to be captain obvious here, but IT’S BORING!

6. They’re holding you back from chasing your dreams.

5. His hot brother. ;D

4. You know you could do better, and have just been too lazy to try.

3.  Despite an attempt to make conversation, he sees right past you to the sports recap on ESPN, and to be honest it doesn’t bother you.

2. Like an old married couple, you only go to restaurants because you’re hungry and you make it through your meal without talking.

1. The Sex is lackluster, not to mention his inability to get your rocks off.  :-/

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