May 2011 Archives

This past weekend, my kids had the opportunity to spend part of shabbat with the wonderful folks at Eden Village Camp during their first family camp of the season.  I love sleepaway camp, and I especially love Eden Village. For …Read More

We all know the story of Noah. We might even be a little sick of it, especially if we’re parents. There seem to be hundreds of picture books on the topic, at least three of which my kids have received …Read More

Yesterday I played hooky from my real life. Instead of a kindergarten teacher and mother of two young daughters, I was an author presenting my new book, The Shabbat Princess, at the Jewish Book Council event in New York City. …Read More

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my first post on Beliefnet. Perhaps it was the rapture, perhaps it was shabbat, but somehow, the whole thing slipped by unnoticed. I starting writing this blog in early 2009 because I thought I might …Read More

I recently wrote a piece for about the struggle to get my kids to do their chores. We’ve made progress in some areas (setting the table) and virtually none in others (putting away their laundry.) While i want these …Read More

Yom Ha-atzmaut was sort of a wash for my family. My older daughter, Ella, woke up with a fever, and I stayed home from school with her. So, no bopping anyone on the head with a plastic hammer…..I wonder if …Read More

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when I would wait quietly for my family to surprise me with gifts, cards, and special activities for Mother’s Day and my birthday. My husband would approach these days the way he …Read More

Mother’s day is the one holiday I’m not in charge of. The reason I’m not in charge of it is because after our first child was born, I gave some explicit instructions to my husband. “You realize,” I said, “that …Read More