Yesterday marked the anniversary of my first post on Beliefnet. Perhaps it was the rapture, perhaps it was shabbat, but somehow, the whole thing slipped by unnoticed.

I starting writing this blog in early 2009 because I thought I might have a parenting book in me.

I don’t.

I moved to because I thought I’d might earn some meaningful income from the blog.

I have not.

I’ve kept plugging along because I thought more doors would open to me as a professional writer.

They haven’t.

Despite these disappointments, there have been some unexpected perks. I’ve received review copies of lots of wonderful books. I’ve been motivated to do something Jewish with my kids when I might otherwise have crapped out, just to have something to write about. Best of all, I’ve met (well, the way you “meet” people on line whom you’ve never actually met) some amazing folks – readers, children’s book authors, and other bloggers. Every once in a while, I’ve even found out that my writing has made a tiny difference in someone else’s Jewish parenting.

I’ll be honest – I’m not sure what the future of this blog looks like. I guess it’s obvious that I’m not as motivated as I once was. I’m teaching full time, and that has slowly chipped away at my energy for side projects that only pay for a couple of lattes (or one stiff martini) a month. Also, there are a lot more Jewish parenting websites and bloggers now than there were two and a half years ago. So, I know I’d be leaving you in good hands if I quit take a break.

And with that, Happy Anniversary. Or as Eeyore might say “Gaiety. Song and Dance. And here we go round the Mulberry Bush.”

Also, a Happy Lag B’omer. I’d post about what we are doing to celebrate, but I’m heading to NYC in about an hour to promote my upcoming children’s book, The Shabbat Princess. So here’s a link to what we did two years ago. It was awesome.




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