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If your family is like mine, your children will be up too late tonight, and unable to fall asleep when they do finally get home from celebrating that holiday-which-shall-not-be named. But, because the pagans didn’t have the good sense to …Read More

Me! For all of your amazing and thoughtful comments. But, that’s not what you came to find out, is it? The other winner, chosen by is Mary Ellen, who wrote: I was raised Catholic, and I loved Christmas. What’s …Read More

Mahatma Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” While I fall woefully short of fulfilling this mandate, I do tend to be the Jewish education I want to see in the world. In the …Read More

As I’ve written before, my girls are fascinated by Christmas. I don’t blame them – it’s sparkly, sweet and mysterious, and it’s practically everywhere, at least after the Halloween decorations come down. As part of an interfaith family, I used …Read More

There are approximately six weeks until Chanukah. We are currently in the month of Cheshvan, often referred to as bitter Cheshvan because it is the only Hebrew month without a holiday. While that might sound like a gift, after the …Read More

Most of my Jewish life revolves around my family, and in particular, my kids. I put a lot of energy and thought into creating ritual experiences that work for them. And I’ve pretty much left it at that. As with …Read More

As I’ve written before, our shul has a bit of a problem with hallway behavior. There are kids who run noisily through the halls, and who kids who somehow manage to run noisily in and out of the offices. They …Read More

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I have yet to come across a really good summary of the weekly parsha that meets the criteria I blogged about a few weeks ago. A few people suggested the archives of URJ Family …Read More

I set my mind to making shabbat really feel like shabbat this week. Which meant that we had candles lit by sunset (though not by official candle lighting time.) Dinner was fully prepared by that time, and the rest of …Read More