Me! For all of your amazing and thoughtful comments. But, that’s not what you came to find out, is it?

The other winner, chosen by is Mary Ellen, who wrote:

I was raised Catholic, and I loved Christmas. What’s not to like? The
scents, the music, the joy. I always felt a little sorry for my Jewish
friends who were stuck with that little dreydel that they made out of
clay. Fast forward and now I’m married to a Jewish man, raising three
Jewish children, and identifying more and more with Judaism. I enjoy
sharing the Hanukkah traditions with my family, and I’ve even learned
some great songs!

I’m interest in this book because my mother-in-law, a Holocaust
survivor, was raised in France. I grew up on stories of “Christmas
around the World,” and I’m curious as to how Hanukkah traditions are
shaped and influenced by the countries in which they are celebrated.

Stay tuned later today, when I post my second pre-Hanukkah book giveaway. Enjoy your new book, Mary Ellen. Email me at homeshuling at gmail dot com to send me your address-
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