If your family is like mine, your children will be up too late tonight, and unable to fall asleep when they do finally get home from celebrating that holiday-which-shall-not-be named. But, because the pagans didn’t have the good sense to make their yom-tovs start the night before and include a day of rest, we’ll have to get our kids up early and send them off to school tomorrow, totally hung over from too much high fructose corn syrup.

In honor of what is sure to be a boker not-so-tov, I’m posting my second weekly Jewish book giveaway. It’s Boker Tov! Good Morning!, a book and cd set from Kar-Ben by Rabbi Joe Black, better known to a few lucky souls as Nina’s brother.
Those of you who know me or who have been reading homeshuling for a while know that I’m not a big fan of most contemporary Jewish music. (In this old post, I am a little too harsh, but if you will read it you’ll find out what celebrity was the magician at my fourth birthday party. Come on, you know you wanna click….) This song didn’t change my mind about the genre, which tends to be too earnest and devotional for my taste. But that Joe Black – he has a voice like buttah. He just might get you and yours out of bed in a good mood, even the morning after.
To be eligible, you’ll need to post a comment, because I love reading your comments. The topic? I can’t help but ask….how do you get your kids out of bed in the morning? Me, I bribe them with tv. I’m a little ashamed that they start each and every weekday with 20 minutes in front of the boob tube, but it works. And the tv doesn’t go on again until they are ready for bed that night. You know, like book ends. Without the books. (We do books too. I promise.) Entries close midnight Saturday night, and I’ll post a winner, selected by random.org, Sunday morning.
And since you asked…
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