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Heard a guy whistling at the airport the other day. Americans used to whistle a lot more especially in movies. Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Cagney, Jimmy Stewart were all whistlers and it even seemed particularly masculine. I don’t know when whistling …Read More

Well men Christmas is just 5 days away and if you’re like me you still haven’t finished your shopping. Nothing is more nerve racking and perfect at sucking the life out of the Christmas season than the pressure of trying …Read More

Today on my regular morning segment on Fox and friends I debated a college professor who postulated a premise that Santa in the song “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer “ was a bully and the song encourages bullying, conformity, sexism, mocking, …Read More

As of this writing the GoFish song Christmas with a Capital C is one of the most requested songs on Christian radio. This song sampled my Christmas rant from “Put a Helmet On!” and has well over 17 MILLION hits …Read More