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Today on my regular morning segment on Fox and friends I debated a college professor who postulated a premise that Santa in the song “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer “ was a bully and the song encourages bullying, conformity, sexism, mocking, hypocrisy, exclusion, rejection and favoritism.
As my readers know I have been on a campaign to eliminate political correctness from our culture for years. This debate illustrates not only why I hate it but just how idiotically insidious it actually is.
We now have college professors teaching American kids that it is politically incorrect to, are you ready, offend a CARTOON character! That’s right some liberal ideas are so funny they write their own punch line.
1st off, let me acknowledge that bullying is real and it should be eliminated from society when possible, but what did they really do to Rudolph that was so heinous? They didn’t let him play in their games. What did he miss out on really huh? I mean, how interesting could reindeer games be? They couldn’t include, balls, bats, rackets, dice, tokens, pencils, etc because reindeer don’t have HANDS!
True they were mean to him but what you don’t see is Rudolph going to the University thought police to demand the reindeer be institutionalized in sensitivity training. You don’t see him suing Santa for creating a hostile work environment either. No, Rudolph took the old American concept of fighting through adversity!
Instead of being a victim he chose to be victorious. Instead of being broken he became braver. Instead of looking for excuses he enlarged his character. Instead of being a whiner, he chose to be a winner. Rudolph is an inspirational song about overcoming adversity no matter what the odds against you are and has been viewed that way for years!
You see anyone can play the blame game and create a victim out of anything otherwise noble if that is their agenda. I’ll prove it. I say that the Rudolph song is a metaphor for liberal, big-government bureaucracy. Santa is the president who is so powerful he can deliver a gift to every human on earth in one night!
The elves represent the Congress and Senate that are so powerful they can build gifts for every human on the face of the earth! Yet between them they didn’t have the foresight to anticipate foggy weather I the future and with all their magical potential they neglected to install headlights on Santa’s sleigh.
Consequently they had to take from Rudolph, (representing the rich), what he had that they didn’t and force him to lead the way pulling the rest of them along because of their incompetence. Notice they didn’t fix the problem only allowed it to continue a little longer.
So obviously Rudolph represents the complete failure of the Obama administration to build America, and of the Congress and it’s inability to balance the budget! You see my friends, anybody can play the “blame game” if it suits their purpose and they have an agenda to accomplish. The problem is it passes the responsibility onto someone else and in the end; nobody comes out stronger than they were.

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