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Americans love to celebrate stuff. Heck that’s why we have holidays every month of the year; we need an excuse to celebrate. The celebration is the experience by the way, rarely are we actually celebrating what the holiday is for. …Read More

Poor atheists! What a burden it must be to be smarter, wiser and more important than the rest of America! Recently a town in Brooklyn renamed a street Seven in Heaven in memory of seven firemen from engine 202 and …Read More

Who knew it would take an enlightened 21st century to determine that your specific gender isn’t specific? You simply decide what you are and voila, you are! It’s that easy! Well that and a little pesky detail known as genital …Read More

My favorite jeans have holes in them. Of course everyone’s favorite jeans do. They are the most comfortable and the most stylish. Top name brand jeans actually make the holes for you. They scrape them in various places to create …Read More