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Poor atheists! What a burden it must be to be smarter, wiser and more important than the rest of America! Recently a town in Brooklyn renamed a street Seven in Heaven in memory of seven firemen from engine 202 and ladder 101 that died in the 911 attacks.
The community honored these heroes with the street sign as a constant reminder of the price of freedom. Well, shockingly, the local atheist group, (I call it a group though there usually isn’t more than five and a half. The half being the agnostic that hasn’t completely become convinced that we are alone in the universe but comes for the free scones) complained that this is clearly a violation of the 1st amendment.
Seems to me if you are going to go against the cultural grain in your no God stance you should be extra careful in not looking ignorant while doing so. Yet one of their statements was as follows “ It is improper for the city to endorse the view that heaven links Christianity with heroism”. OOPS, CHRISTIANITY?? You let the cat out of the bag atheists. What causes you to be so Theo-phobic that you would jump to the conclusion that this is a Christian affirmation? Can you possibly be that close-minded and intolerant?
Many religions believe in heaven so why attack Christianity? Did you ever consider the signs reference to heaven as an all-encompassing attempt to cover all our bases? Heaven could mean the dwelling place of the Christian’s soul that has passed on but another synonym for heaven is “the sky, firmament or expanse of space surrounding the earth.” OR, “A place or state of supreme happiness.”
This should work for the atheist because the “space surrounding the earth” definition is consistent with the atheist’s belief that all we are is a sum of our parts. They think we die and our molecules dissipate overtime and float away into the atmosphere or “heavens” to join their molecular brethren in eternal nothingness, so rejoice atheists as yes, Seven in Heaven could celebrate the atheist perspective that these men died for nothing (since nihilism is the only rational way to live if you are a logically consistent atheist) ended up in eternal unconsciousness, (since they were nothing but material) and now only we cognizant beings can recognize and acknowledge their “existence” but shortly we too will be dead and generations from now won’t know we were here or give a crap.
So the sign is for all of us so what are you complaining about? Sure there are plenty of ignorant idiots out there that will “interpret” the sign to refer to a beautiful, eternal abode with the God that made us and longs to be with us but you can simply pass by and snicker with the knowledge that only you know the truth.
There is no God, life is meaningless and courageous acts are molecules way to trick us into survival mode so we will run home and procreate trying to keep our species lineage alive long enough to realize that to be alive is no better than being dead…SEE! Wow we need to consult more atheists when we want a tribute to those who died defending life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Another statement they made was this “ The problem with the sign is that you are assuming that you know what they felt deep are assuming they even believed in Heaven”. Well they did go to the city to approve of this sign so the families had plenty of time to protest this insulting tribute. But they didn’t. The family encouraged and approved of the sign. None of them spoke out as to affirm this was referencing Christian heaven, my atheist warrior, so again they might see it as the alternate definition to heaven being a “place or state of supreme happiness”. In other words perhaps these brave men are content being in place that keeps them away from you?
Lastly don’t forget that these men died in 9-11 so they were trying to save people that were victims of Muslim terrorists. Muslims believe in heaven too my atheist friends. Maybe you could do us all a favor? Next time you want to protest a God concept, why not attack the people that attacked us? Blame this on the Muslims. See they are not duty bound like us Christians are to “love our enemies and pray for those that despitefully use us”. Go ahead and insult the Muslims, they will make sure you find out once and for all if heaven is real. Think of it as a science experiment.

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