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Who knew it would take an enlightened 21st century to determine that your specific gender isn’t specific? You simply decide what you are and voila, you are! It’s that easy! Well that and a little pesky detail known as genital mutilation and reconstruction but don’t let me be the one turning the hose on this exciting new “me” created by a scalpel and a psychological disorder.
The PC 10 commandments first decree is that what we desire instantly becomes our “right”. I am getting a little testy though with this “gender is whatever you decide you are” mentality that is sort of a self inflicted Mengele experiment. One interesting observation is when it comes to taking the re-engineered genital plunge men by far outweigh women in getting the new look. Practically it is much easier to lop something off then to sew it on I suppose.
To be honest I can’t even imagine what is done to manufacture a umm, “package” on a female. Actually come to think of it, I don’t want to think of it. We had a pregnant man as a news story for a while. Just to let you in on what passes for a pregnant man in post-modern America, first you start with a woman. Then you do breast reduction surgery similar to a mastectomy. After that fun the recipient keeps her ovaries and womb in tact. Then she takes testosterone, quits shaving her armpits, gets artificially inseminated and ta daaa! You have a pregnant “man”.
All right fine so you have a woman in drag investing in body modification as severe as Ubangi lip plates or Polynesian face tattooing but hey, where’s the news story in that? What kind of a close-minded society have we become when we judge actions by the truth as opposed to the enlightened postmodern view that truth is yours for the reinventing. We start playing those head games and next thing you know somebody’s going to be squawking about us “not letting them reinterpret the constitution to be a “living document” to fit their own progressive-amoral agenda”. Oh wait, too late.
It’s this reinterpreting the truth that so irks me especially when it comes to my own tribe who are supposed to be the moral standard for society and are supposed to know better. Part of what so befuddled me about the “evangelicals” that voted for President Obama in 08 was that they took the best part of our shared faith (compassion, justice, peace, love) and for sake of appeasement to a culture that hates us they forgot the rest of Jesus message (dignity of life, expectation of personal responsibility for sin, repentance, moral absolutes).
I don’t believe Christians have to agree on everything. That’s why denominations exist, so every believer has the flavor available that most stimulates their spiritual enrichment. But in America we are now at a moral crossroads where the line in the sand must be immovable. At this season in America where what all Christians have ever held sacred is close to being outlawed, INCLUDING THE FREE SPEECH TO STAND FOR ABSOLUTE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR OF IMPRISONMENT, we as a body must stand together as a body undivided.
Feeding the poor is a beautiful Christian message, killing their babies under government subsidies isn’t. When the dust settles which message would Jesus emphasize? He miraculously created food when the followers were hungry, still a little hazy on his mandate to Rome to do it for him. Apparently even old backwards thinking Jesus expects the needy to trust him for sustenance instead of the government, funny how truth, real truth, always comes with a cost huh? Apparently dignity and moral character isn’t cheap. Don’t tell a progressive that though, they’ll just tax it.

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