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If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I despise political correctness. Those of us on the “annihilate PC before it kills us” campaign become so trained in its intricacies that we see elements of it everywhere. One of the …Read More

In honor of yesterday being Father’s day I would like to make a declaration.I am a sexist. But I’m a sexist in the best sense of the word. If sexist meant I believed men were inherently better than women it …Read More

Remember when good moral character was at least contrived and manufactured by our celebrities via their P.R. people? If you were an alcoholic for example you had the courtesy to unleash your uncontrollable rage at home where it only affected …Read More

    All I wanted to do was throw some trash away. I had a paper cup from coffee at the airport and decided when I was done with it the prudent thing to do was throw it away. Why …Read More