If you haven’t picked up on it yet,
I despise political correctness. Those of us on the “annihilate PC before it
kills us” campaign become so trained in its intricacies that we see elements of
it everywhere.

One of the earliest forms of PC by
those of us sophisticated enough to discern it was the letter X. If you think
about it the letter X never needed to exist. Once it was invented and tried out
for a while it was obvious that the letter was just there for a handout.

The only two sounds “X” makes are
sounds already made by other letters. The “X” sound combines soft e with k + s
so that “exit” actually should be spelled “eksit”. Thus saving us one more
letter to memorize and getting greater value out of far more useful letters,
which is good for the environment and cuts down on greenhouse gasses.

Don’t be fooled “X” was well aware
of its uselessness, which became abundantly clear after the last letter Z was
introduced. Suddenly, out of the blue X decided it wanted that sound too, so now if you wanted a word like zylophone, it
should be spelled Xylophone which just goes to show what pathetic ends X will
go to appear to be valuable by leeching off of others.

Of course anyone arguing with this absurd
“Who are we to tell X what he can sound like” concept would be immediately
branded a letter-aphobe and sued for “X” amount of dollars. (Which is where we
got the concept of “X” suddenly representing any and every letter OR number, which is what happens when
we let the least efficient oppress the most efficient in the name of

You see PC teaches us that you no
longer have to persuade the majority to agree with your position (Democracy)
but only have to yell and scream a lot about others being “intolerant” and “mean-spirited”
and “hurting your feelings” and “emotions” and “self esteem” and giving you a “tummy
ache”. The reason X eksists is because someone wasn’t courageous enough to
stand-alone and shout to the world ” Hey everyone, X is naked!”

What we don’t need is the other
letters standing up and deciding that they will no longer be trapped in the box
“society” has made for them. If X can sound like Z for no reason then why can’t
Z say that every time you go to the dentist they give you a “Z-ray” which you
can make a copy of on the Zerox machine, or make that zeroz.

Nothing changes in society until
people stand up for what is right and true regardless of the consequences from
the fascist PC elite and their religion of dominance by extortion. Follow me folks,
heck I’ll lead the charge. When I see a letter acting up and using other
letters sounds, I’ll be the first to fend of its evil advances…

Don’t even get me started on C!

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