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Every few months you see a movie, a speech, or a picket about just wages and a call to elevate the minimum wage.  Christians call out “greedy employers” for exploitation with the assumption that the minimum wage is never high […]

As we continued our journey in Israel, my wife and I were struck by the huge commercial centers all over the ancient land.  Here is a photo of another city in the Promised Land.   God has asked his people […]

Imagine Solomon using his power to create a place of Refuge for the entire land.   This city gate looks down upon the “daughters” which is the area where families’ camped just outside the city walls.   If an army […]

After a three hour hike through ancient Philistine country, we were able to see Samson’s homeland. To the left is the area Samson hiked as he ignored God’s call to help those who were enslaved to the Philistines.   Samson […]

Judges 9:7-16 is a parable delivered by a man who saw his family slaughtered by mercenaries. Jotham is shocked that the people of his nation are seemingly unmoved by injustice, the killing of innocent life, and corrupt leadership. Jotham realized […]

I recently read the massive book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer.   It was an amazing read.  It inspired a new teaching technique at our church where we took 500 slides of his life and put them to video.  As a life […]

  Karl Marx was an enemy of liberty. The foundation for his worldview began with the belief that humanity is God. With that notion in place, “we” mere mortals determine right and wrong. And the greatest expression of human wisdom […]

One of my favorite artists is a woman named Joan Steiner who composes “normal” scenes from everyday household items. Here is one example: If you zoom in, you see the towers are recorders. The bushes are turnips. The walls are […]

I think one of the most important problems in this case is “presumed omniscience”. Everyone who was not there presumes that they know exactly what happened. What we need more than anything in this case is some humility. We weren’t […]

In the book of Judges, Jotham challenges his fellow villagers to step up and serve in the public square. He challenged them to act with both protection and conviction. It takes guts to do this. It takes conviction to step […]