Here is a recent sermon describing how we can all worship through our work, without worshipping our work

09/02/12 “Uncovering the Entrepreneur” (Chad Hovind)

The Gift of Work
At the heart of Godonomics is the value and God-given joy of work. Work and labor are gifts from God. He has given us talents to develop and opportunities to utilize them. God expects us to see work as a gift from Him. God wants His people working to provide for themselves and others rather than depending on others to provide for them. In fact, as soon as God made mankind, He gave them work to do.

Genesis 2:15 Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it.

This theme of seeing work as both important and a Biblical command is critical to Godonomics, capitalism, and any successful business or family. Scriptures teach that all of life is spiritual. Work can be as holy as prayer or communion. All of life can be an act of service to God. This was a radically different lens when it was introduced compared to the Greek philosophers of the first century who taught Dualism. Dualism, or Gnosticism, is the belief that there are “spiritual activities” like prayer and church attendance and “nonspiritual” activities like work, recreation, and career.

The Bible teaches that every moment of every day is to be infused with the potential of pleasing God. There is no distinction between spiritual and non-spiritual. Since our work is a way to please God, every day is ripe with the potential for meaning and purpose. Whether you like your job or not… Whether you like your boss or not… The Bible says we can see work through a totally different lens. When we work, we are ultimately working for God. When we use every moment as a spiritual act of worship, we are looking forward to the reward of our labor. There is both an earthly reward (my paycheck and profits) as well as the heavenly reward of hearing “Well done, good and faithful servant.” God will reward us eternally for working diligently and wisely today.

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