Protection stones for empaths help to repel negative energies and clear out negativity from your aura. The best protection stones are dark in colour. These protection  crystals transmute and neutralize energy frequencies that resonate with bad feelings. Humans as beings of energy are affected by energy. As a being of energy, your aura extends way…

Dear Friend, We’re living in a time of great change and crisis. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and free from the Covid-19 virus. If you or a loved one is infected, keep in mind that doctors and nurses are doing their best, and researchers around the world are racing to find…

The Law of Attraction (LOA) says you can create your future in a simple three step process. But many people using LOA start skipping a step or two, or mix up the steps. Here’s a reminder of the LOA process in proper order. Be Be the person who embodies what you desire. This means you…

How can an empath deflect negative energy? Energy currents surround everything in the world. These energies are either negative or positive, and they really do affect you. We’ve all known that emotional heavy feeling like you’re walking through mud. Or, being drained of every last bit of energy for no reason except that you were…

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas is an international bestselling author in depression and grief. Terezia is a reiki master, psychic medium, and certified channeller.
Visit Terezia Farkas on Twitter @tereziafarkas
Alberta Lt. Governor Circle on Mental Health and Addictions award.
Bell Let's Talk Social Media Ambassador 2017.
CAMH (Canadian Addictions and Mental Health) 150 Difference Makers nominee.
2014 Global Crisis of Depression Summit at Kings Place in London on November 25, 2014, which included speakers Kofi A Anan, the 7th former Secretary General of the UN.

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