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The Law of Attraction (LOA) says you can create your future in a simple three step process. But many people using LOA start skipping a step or two, or mix up the steps. Here’s a reminder of the LOA process in proper order.


Be the person who embodies what you desire. This means you must be in your mind and emotions. It’s mindfulness – being in the moment and knowing you emotional and mental state. It’s also the wish stage. Once you are in the be moment, then move on to the next step.


Do the things that you desire to be like. In other words, act like you have or are what you desire. This do step brings into alignment your ‘be’ wish with reality. By modelling your wish, you are gaining experience and understanding what that ‘be’ wish really means.


Finally, you understand how the Law Of Attraction process works. You don’t listen to negative self talk, and you model your desire. Having personal experience in the ‘do’ stage, you gain understanding that the LOA really works. You understand that manifesting a good future is not difficult or impossible.

Be, Do, Understand. Those are the simple steps of action to follow in the LOA. After all, understanding the LOA is easy in theory. But seeing it happen in real life takes practice, time, and understanding. Don’t give up. Manifesting your dreams will happen!

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