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The Law of Attraction (LOA) is a simple idea that explains how your thoughts shape your world. Stated in a nutshell, LOA is the idea that you attract into your life whatever your thoughts focus on.

Your thoughts are power. They have the power of manifesting things in your life. Why not manifest your dreams? Be the dream. Do the dream.

If you think of something positive and put all your thoughts into it, positive choices and opportunities will manifest in your life. The reverse is true if you focus in on negative thoughts. Negative energies and situations will surround you.

Simple, right? Well then, how do you put the idea of LOA into action so that it becomes a daily ritual of positive thoughts bringing positive results?


The first step is to BE your dream. Sounds philosophical but it’s a simple idea that doesn’t need to scare you.

To Be means you are being in the moment. The situation you are in is your sole focus. You consciously focus in on your thoughts and become aware of all self talk. You can hear both your negative and positive inner talk. You’re also aware of how those thoughts are affecting your body and emotions.

For example, you want to be a writer, maybe a best selling author. You’ve read all the material on how to become a writer. You even have a really great story to tell.

But how do you start? Just sit down in front of your laptop? Maybe dictate a few lines onto your cellphone? It’s a daunting task getting that first chapter out.

This is the time that you have to be your dream. It’s the time you need to be mindful.

Focus in on the moments of writing. Listen to your self talk. Hear the negative ones and replace them with positive affirmations. Tell yourself you are a writer, you can be an author. Be aware of your body’s reaction to both negative and positive self talk. Throw out the negative. Convince yourself that the words exist within you, and then let it flow.

Don’t be distracted by the small stuff, like how much you wrote in a day or does the preface really work. Be kind to yourself when you fail. Tell yourself everything will be polished at the end. Focus on what you are doing in the moment as a writer.

To be means you must embody what you desire. This means you must be in your mind and emotions. It is mindfulness – being in the moment and knowing you emotional and mental state. It’s also the wish stage. Once you are in the be moment, then move on to the next step.


Step two is the doing. Act like you have or are what you desire.

The ‘do’ step brings into alignment your ‘be’ wish with reality. By modelling your wish, you are gaining experience and understanding what that ‘be’ wish really means.

Imagine you wish to be a writer. Instead of wishing that someday you’ll write a novel, you sit down and start writing. You practice different writing skills. You get feedback and sharpen your skill. Your subconscious starts to understand that when you sit in front of your laptop you will be opening your imagination and will start typing out words. Your body has modelled this behaviour for weeks now. Voila! Your wish of being a writer has come true.


Finally, understand that the end result you want to achieve might not look like what you imagined at the start. You imagined being a writer meant you’d create a literary masterpiece, a bestseller. Instead, you’re a happy author who self publishes a book or two. You’re still a writer. And, maybe, for you being where you are at this time is the best outcome you could have for your wish.

Be. Do. Understand. Those are the simple steps of  the LOA. It takes practice, time, and understanding. Don’t give up. Manifesting your dreams will happen!

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