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Protection stones for empaths help to repel negative energies and clear out negativity from your aura. The best protection stones are dark in colour. These protection  crystals transmute and neutralize energy frequencies that resonate with bad feelings.

Humans as beings of energy are affected by energy.

As a being of energy, your aura extends way past what you think are your personal boundaries. An aura can fill an entire room. So, anyone inside that room will be affected. When a negative energy projects outward, you might suddenly feel cranky, anxious, slightly depressed, or angry. You know it’s not you. But why did your mood suddenly shift?

A protection crystal can help protect you against someone’s aura or negative energies. There are many kinds of protection crystals. These are the most commonly used.

Black Tourmaline ~ The most powerful protection stone

Black Tourmaline is a power house crystal. This black crystal is used for protection from almost all types of spiritual attacks. It protects and clears away negative energy. Black tourmaline turns negative energy into a positive one. Thus, it is the best crystal for repelling lower energies and frequencies.

Black tourmaline works with the Base or Root Chakra. It controls the energy for kinaesthetic feeling and movement. So, black tourmaline helps with body movements. The crystal also encourages positive emotional attitude. It can also help you fall asleep faster and have restful dreams.

Amethyst ~ the spiritual happiness stone

Amethyst is the crystal of spirituality and contentment. This happiness crystal helps calm you when you’re around negative people. It also provides spiritual protection while purifying your aura of negative influences and attachments. Usually the stone turns a darker shade or becomes cloudy if the wearer is under psychic attack. Otherwise, the crystal is clear, bright purple. 

Amethyst helps balance the Crown Chakra. Amethyst creates a shield of spiritual Light around your body. This barrier protects against lower energies, psychic attack, geophysical stress, and unhealthy environments.

Black Obsidian ~ psychic smog cleaner

Black obsidian  is called the psychic smog cleaner. It’s powerful protection. Black obsidian doesn’t form a shield, as much as it gets rid of energies inside your aura. It’s like having a bodyguard. The bodyguard can’t keep away psychic attack, but it certainly gets rid of negative energy. Black obsidian blows away negative energy like it was smog. 

A drawback to using black obsidian is that it really grounds energies. People can start to feel sluggish, low in energy, or even depressed. If you suffer with depression, black obsidian will further ground you down.

There are many other protection stones an empath can use. However, these three crystals are power houses of energy that can resonate with, and deflect, negative energies. All three crystals are safe to wear and use. Simply clear with salt once a week to remove residual energies.

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