Common Word, Common Lord

The fast of Ramadan made me so grateful for the coffee I now enjoy in the morning again. The challenge is to remain grateful the rest of the year.

The fast of Ramadan in the summer has been hard - very hard. But the feeling of accomplishment and gratitude makes it totally worth it.

The terrorists think they are "doing good deeds" by committing murder. They are in for a very rude awakening, indeed.

The Qur'an teaches us to struggle on this earth in a life of righteousness, not to end it through a savage suicide attack.

Wow. I was pleasantly surprised at the speech given by President Trump.

How can the Quran be used to justify violent extremism?

If Muslims were true to their Scriptures, as they say they are, then President Trump wouldn't have had to do anything about Syria.

In the Name of God, the Extremely and Eternally Loving and Caring We may never know why this man, Khalid Masood, decided to run over innocent people on Westminster Bridge and then stab a police officer to death. Of course, many – as always – are blaming his Islamic faith, but this is far too…

When terrorists attack, we ask "Why do they hate the West?" We can also ask, "Why do the terrorists hate Muslims?"

Our brains need quiet every day. The ritual prayer offers us both communion with God and the much needed quiet.

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