Common Word, Common Lord

Passover celebrates the freedom from bondage, and I have an opportunity as a physician to free my patients from the bondage of illness.

In the Name of God: The Exceedingly and Eternally Loving and Caring I had submitted the comment on the NY Times web page calling for comments on the coverage of the Austin terrorist. They wanted to know what I felt about the coverage, and this is what I submitted: The coverage is ABSOLUTELY different for…

Imposing my beliefs onto the healthcare of others is a slippery slope. This doctor, for one, refuses to take this path.

If only our President knew how much Africa contributed to the history of the world, perhaps he wouldn’t have said what he did.

For years and years, I have heard the story of the birth of Christ recited in beautiful Arabic during Muslim ritual prayer. That’s because the story of Christmas is in the Quran.

For this Muslim at Christmas, I like to say “Merry Christmas.” Saying “Happy Holidays” just doesn’t do it for me.

The Muslim man in the video who destroys a statue of the Virgin Mary betrays his faith.

Jerusalem should never be a ‘zero sum’ city. Rather, it must be a city for all.

There is nothing “usual” about the attack on a mosque in Egypt.

The tale of Harvey Weinstein is a cautionary one, reminding all those who have power one thing: the Lord suffers absolutely no rival.

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