In the Name of God: The Extremely and Eternally Loving and Caring

The almost daily revelations of truly horrific allegations of sexual abuse, harassment, and even sexual assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein are breathtaking in their scope. I applaud each and every one of the women for coming forward. May the Lord give them strength and comfort and healing.

As a father of four daughters, I would not wish this type of abuse on anyone else’s child. Yet, this repeated pattern of abuse speaks to an underlying arrogance and delusion of invincibility that should serve as a cautionary tale for all: The Lord suffers no rivals whatsoever.

Power is in God’s hands alone. He gives it to whoever He wills and wants. And it is a trust from God bestowed on that person. Anyone who abuses this power will be taken to task.

Scripture says:

Oh no! The human being becomes rebellious when he sees himself as self-sufficient (96:6-7)

Whenever anyone does what Mr. Weinstein is accused of doing, he clearly believes that he can get away with it. He fears no consequences, and sees the world is at his feet. Yet, the very next verse says:

There is no doubt [however] that to your Lord will be the ultimate return (96:8)

There will be a reckoning. This arrogance will be met with the reality that the Lord suffers no rivals.

Some may be exposed in humiliating fashion in this life, like Harvey Weinstein and others. At least Mr. Weinstein has a chance to redeem himself. Yet all those who get away with it in this world will surely face humiliation and justice in the next. And at that point, it will be too late to make amends.

I do not write this to wag a self-righteous finger at Mr. Weinstein and bask in my “holiness.” No. This serves as a reminder to me and all others who may be given authority on this earth: tread lightly with any power given to you. It is a trust, and if that power goes to your head, you would be well-served to remember: the Lord suffers absolutely no rival.

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