Changing Channels
June 2012 Archives

Rumors that Ann Curry is on the way out as co-anchor of the Today show bring this response from me: “What took you so long?” Perhaps my response should be “Why was she put in that position to begin with?” …Read More

Woof, woof! Again? Ugh! Arsenio Hall has apparently parlayed his win on the most recent Celebrity Apprentice into another shot at a late night show. While Donald Trump’s show can be entertaining, if a bit cut-throat at times, for numerous …Read More

When you go on Jim Rome’s radio or television sports talk shows you should EXPECT there to be an uncomfortable moment or two. While Rome is an OK interviewer and solid enough host, the specter of Jim Everett has ALWAYS …Read More

The morning “news” programs may be more fluff than anything else, but it’s still difficult not to like GMA‘s Robin Roberts. The former ESPN star is smart, well-spoken and not rude or crude as a host and has discussed being …Read More

Whether or not you want to admit it, everyone knows ad host ‘Vince’ of Slap Chop, Shamwow  and now Schticky fame or infamy. I say the latter because “his” ads for the latter have finally been  sanitized after months of …Read More

My mother loved him on Family Feud and Match Game. I loved him on Hogan’s Heroes. Such was the versatility of Richard Dawson, 79, who died over the weekend due to complications related to esophageal cancer. All that kissing he …Read More

There’s NO WAY Howie Mandel could do it! Drew Carey’s job as host of daytime game-show The Price Is Right, that is. Carey shakes hands, often, gets squeezed … HARD! and seems to love every second of it. The former …Read More