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When you go on Jim Rome’s radio or television sports talk shows you should EXPECT there to be an uncomfortable moment or two.

While Rome is an OK interviewer and solid enough host, the specter of Jim Everett has ALWAYS hung over his career … you know it, I know it and the American people know it … to quote ex-presidential candidate Bob Dole.

Jim Rome

Everett, if you recall, is the ex-NFL quarterback who once flipped a table and went after Rome in the latter’s early days as a host. Rome’s “sin” was to compare Everett to a female athlete: Chris Evert … which no proud male athlete ever likes to hear.

(As an aside, I think Chrissy was GREAT, however, and I wouldn’t mind being compared to one of the tennis’ all-time greats.)

Anyway,  David Stern took umbrage with Jim being Jim Wednesday, when the host asked the NBA commissioner if the NBA draft lottery’s top pick, which fell to the Hornets instead of the even  worse Bobcats, was “fixed”.

Stern could have quickly brushed off the question with a laugh, but he seemed genuinely ticked and questioned Rome’s judgment in even asking it.

He went on to ask Rome “how long has it been since he stopped beating his wife?” not meant to be taken literally but a tool meant to corner the interviewer, who later replayed part of the interview on his CBS Sports Network show.

Then Rome seemed angered that Stern would question his professionalism.

It was all pretty dopey, and Stern owes Rome an apology for HIS lack of professionalism.

When on Rome, after all, one should expect Jim to be Jim.



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