Changing Channels
January 2012 Archives

With over 35 moves in my life, I’ve had most of the cable or satellite TV offerings that are available and one thing still holds true: DirecTV is still the best overall product. Let me clear, I don’t currently have …Read More

I am a New York Giants fan … first and foremost. But while I appreciate Eli Manning’s development as a quarterback and person, I can’t say enough good things about his older brother, Peyton, the perhaps soon-to-be ex Indianapolis Colts …Read More

Hey, I love my cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fries and turnovers as much as anyone … but in the SAME lunch? That’s what Hardee’s is offering, and I didn’t even mention the drink … all for $5 … according to its …Read More

Pardon the grammar but “Beyond Scared Straight” ain’t no joke. The A&E series gives would be convicts a real look, a real CLOSE look, at what life behind bars would be like. What it IS like, actually. And it’s no …Read More

You have to give CBS credit for trying … over and over … to rework their morning news show. Their latest incarnation, or reincarnation, called the CBS Morning Show obviously took a lot of work to create and millions of …Read More

First for the good: congratulations are in order for NBC’s Today Show in reaching it’s 60th year on air. Heck, getting to 60 days on air now is a good accomplishment and one we’ll see if the new CBS Morning …Read More

Tim Tebow has had plenty of ups and downs this season with wins and losses, good passes and poor passes, fans and critics alike. Talk about steady and unflappable though … his great attitude keeps Tebow moving forward … quite …Read More

I just got done complimenting ABC a few posts ago for Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing series. It was smart bringing back a known commodity like the likable Allen, former star of the long-running clean and positive hit Home Improvement. …Read More

The next season of The Apprentice hasn’t even started and the sparks are already flying on Donald Trump’s hit NBC reality show. One of the contestants, Dee Snider, complained to “The Donald” about members of the other team. “Listen, Mr. …Read More

It’s tough not to like Tim Allen after all he’s been through. The great comedian and TV star once hit rock bottom, after all, with a drug trafficking charge that sent him to prison for over two years. He was …Read More