With over 35 moves in my life, I’ve had most of the cable or satellite TV offerings that are available and one thing still holds true:

DirecTV is still the best overall product.

Let me clear, I don’t currently have DirecTV as I switched to another company bundle my home phone, TV and internet services together to save money.

Just in sports programming I notice a difference, however, as it seems DirecTV takes care to offer some smaller channels, like Peachtree in Georgia, for instance, for a few more Atlanta Braves games than its competitors.

And MASN, and ESPN3D, the latter two not offered on U-Verse, for instance. I miss my DirecTV, especially when I see one of their clever and/or funny ads.

I enjoy the most recent one, slippery slope argument that  it may be, that if you don’t subscribe to DirecTV you will wind up with a grandson with a dog collar.

Funny stuff, indeed.

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