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In a year when one could get discouraged about the state of film and music in the English-speaking world, there were a few truly exceptional films and efforts at music making that deserve to be mentioned. Of course, works of …Read More

Temples in antiquity were not merely viewed as the meeting place for a god and his devotees.  They were often viewed as the dwelling place on earth of a god as well and so the center of worship.  But when …Read More

“The Master seems to find more joy in careless sowing, miraculous growing, and reckless harvesting than in the taxonomy of [separating] the good from the bad, the worthwhile from the worthless, the saved from the damned.”  (p. 78, with correction).   …Read More

Why did the authorities want to kill Jesus after he raised Lazarus from the dead?  Its a good question, and it is one raised in the chapter about Jesus as a miracle worker. Willimon’s take is that the authorities couldn’t …Read More

The age of the wireless changed everything.  As King George V said, ‘previously we only had to march around and look good in costume, now we are expected to come into every hearth and home and speak to people.’  With …Read More

The way the God of the Bible more often than not gets things done is with words, mere words.  In Gen. 1 God speaks, and creation springs into life.  Jesus speaks “your daughter will live” and it is so.   God …Read More

“The modern world has many ways of turning us in on ourselves, eventually to worship the dear little god within. Christianity, the religion evoked by Jesus, is a decidedly fierce means of wrenching us outward. We are not left alone …Read More

Yes, it is true.  Writers have favorite writers.  And one of my favorite writers, preachers, and Christian persons is Bishop Will Willimon.  He has a wonderful new book. It’s short, to the point, pointed, equal parts eloquent and deliberately irritating.  …Read More

MOTHER LOAD   From the very beginning The burden was clear Sometimes bearable Sometimes severe Ate from the apple Shared it with him Disobeyed the order Indulged the whim. What was the outcome? The fruit of the act? She ‘knew’ …Read More