The John Wesley Fellowship began in 1977, with Steve Harper and yours truly being two of the first John Wesley Fellows chosen.  I have told the story of Ed Robb and AFTE  this past Fall on the blog so I will not repeat it.   Here are some of the senior fellows attending the meeting.

AFTE 006.jpg

In the picture above you see Joel Lemon on he right— a professor of OT at Candler who was a gracious host for this meeting and on the left is Warren Smith professor of patristics at Duke.

AFTE 005.jpg

Steve Moore on the right has helped run our meetings of late. He is the CEO of a massive charitable trust called the Murdoch trust.  With him are J.D. Walt, a guest and current chaplain and VP for community life at Asbury, and David Thomas a Denman Fellow working on his doctorate at Bristol.

AFTE 004.jpg

Here we have Tom Albin, the dean of the Upper Room, and on the right another currently funded Denman Fellow, Brian Yeich.

AFTE 001.jpg

Here are several senior fellows—- Steve Rankin at SMU/Perkins school of theology.  Behind him going clockwise are Doug Strong the Dean at Seattle Pacific University, Mike Walker an AFTE trustree,  Jayson Byassee at Duke, and on the right front Ted Campbell a church history professor at Perkins.

AFTE 003.jpg

Finally, we have here Michael Christensen of Drew, Joy Moore from Duke, and Kim Resiman completing her PhD at Durham University and a currently funded fellow. 
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