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Well it isn’t the cover of the Rolling Stone, but I am proud to say the newspaper in Jackson Ms. was smart enough to interview our friend and colleague Sandy Richter, who taught for us for many years (still does …Read More

  Here are four shots of an ancient object I bought from an antiquities dealer in Jerusalem some years ago.  The first person to correctly identify this object wins a free copy of my recent book on Revelation.   The winner …Read More

If you’re asked the question what is the opposite of well done, the answer should be— half-baked.   And unfortunately, and I didn’t expect to say this, that is what we get for two hours and 37 minutes of the most …Read More

The Carlos Museum at Emory has a nice small collection of Greco-Roman remains, particularly busts which I thought I would share with you.  The above bust should be familiar—  it is  Julius Caesar himself. As you can see from this …Read More

I was minding my business drinking my morning coffee, and looking out on the unexpected snowfall on Black Friday which made it white Friday here in Lexington when ‘what to my wondering eyes did appear,  then a plane load of …Read More

I’ve always been a huge fan of Gary Larson’s  Far Side cartoons, and his Thanksgiving ones are some of his best. But there are others who have now stepped into his shoes since he isn’t entertaining us any more.  For …Read More

Walter Elias Disney, according to one Asheville N.C. legend was once fired as an employee of the Asheville newspaper because he was always doodling— especially drawing pictures of a mouse and a duck.  Whether this story is true or not, …Read More

The annual general meeting of the whole Society for Biblical Literature (and for ASOR, ETS, and the Biblical Archaeology Society, not to mention the IBR which is the Institute for Biblical Research) was held last week through this Tuesday with …Read More

‘IN PRINCIPIO ERAT VERBUM’: SACRED TEXTS IN AN ORAL CULTURE                                       BenWitherington, III                                     AmosProfessor of NT for Doctoral Studies                                     AsburyTheological Seminary               Ithas become by now a commonplace to point out that Paul and the other earliestChristians …Read More