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I must admit to getting pretty mushy about baseball, especially at this time of year.  I remember as if it were yesterday when my Dad would take me to see the Greensboro Yankees in the 50s and 60s, and I …Read More

                   Pain is an odd thing.  I once took a philosophy course at Carolina where we noted its oddity, and then discussed it to death until I was disgusted.  The main point Professor E. Maynard Adams was making …Read More

How true it is! I wonder what that says about all those psalms of lament in the Psalter? Just asking 🙂 I have to say, Steve Martin is my kind of atheist. And he sings o.k. too, with the Canyon …Read More

Mark Driscoll is an increasingly popular Christian teacher, with a considerable ministry. One of my students at Asbury Seminary asked me to comment on this video (see above), more specifically on the use of Titus 2 in this video to …Read More

  We’re, mercifully, only a week away from what has been one of the nastiest seasons of election campaigns in living memory, with more mud being slung and blood being spilled than in a monster truck rally in Rupp arena …Read More

James R. Payton, Getting the Reformation Wrong. Correcting  some Misunderstandings,  (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2010), 240 pages, $23.                 History is unquestionably messy and complex, and this is all the more the case when one is considering some of the …Read More

Colorado Springs is a pretty, spiritual place in many ways. It is the home of Navigators,  Dobson ministries, the Franciscan Retreat Center (where I met with the Ad Lib society),  the Air Force Chapel, and in terms of general revelation, …Read More

The Jewish Chapel (err Synagogue) is different from the two Christian chapels in that it is basically circular, not in the shape of a rectangle.  One of the interesting features of this chapel is the various mezuzahs in the door …Read More

You know when half the critics are raving that this Clint Eastwood film is his masterpiece and the other half are just raving that something is up.  The premise is not new of course— contact with those in the afterlife …Read More

The final Gray lecture by Tom Wright was not quite as full of juice as the first one, nevertheless, there were some good points along the way.  This lecture was entitled,  ‘How God Became King’  (on earth, as it is …Read More