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LB’S (A Good ole Southern Country Song by BW3–think Johnny Cash with help from the Beatles– to the tunes of ‘I hear that train a comin’ and ‘Carry that Weight’) It’s sweepin’ cross AmericaThe plague of pulchritudeIt’s gripped the country’s […]

Probably the most exciting of all the archaeological developments in Turkey is what has been uncovered on a hill overlooking the Celsus Library in Ephesos by the Austrians. And the Austrians are both meticulous and thorough, and their work on […]

Of the making of Biblical studies books there is no end, but not all books are created equal.  One of the questions I often get is what were the best Biblical Studies books that came out this year which should […]

              The statue stood sentinel,             But had no staring eyes,             Defaced by vicious vandals             The royal line despised.               Erasures are too common,             As if our pasts weren’t past             Enough with mere mortality […]

Sherlock Holmes is the proverbial hard act to act.  He has been played by some of the great character actors on both the silver screen (think Basil Rathbone) and TV (Jeremy Brett).  And all of the stories are so familiar […]

For a moment I thought the email I had received was a prank. I knew we had a reason for celebrating every day of living, but I didn’t know we had these many reasons— in January of all months!  Three […]

Pictures courtesy of my friends at CBS.

I must confess that I like many of George Clooney’s movies.  He is a fine actor, and has played a huge array of parts from the comic to the tragic and everything imaginable in between.  Some of my very favorite […]

You know the story of Pandora’s box.  By now the phrase ‘opening Pandora’s box’ has become a cliche as well.  But since the movie Avatar is set on a planet called Pandora, and since this movie opens up all kinds […]

Meet Yardeni Alexandre.  He works for the Israeli Antiquities Authorities at the dig in Nazareth. He is holding  first century pottery shards found at what is becoming known as the ‘Nazareth house’.   The walls of the house itself and the […]