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There are so many James Taylor’s songs I love but here are two of my favorites to tide you over while I’m gone to Carolina in the flesh to help our daughter move.   James and Livingston were still in Chapel …Read More

Not for the first time and undoubtedly not for the last, the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia is claiming it has the original Ark of the Covenant spoken of in the Bible, and made famous all over again by Indiana Jones.  …Read More

Last week was all music, all the time.  First I went to the 40th anniversary Ichthus festival and had a blast watching the Ascension Band (full of former members of Earth Wind and Fire and from Prince’s band, now getting …Read More

Sometimes you are just wandering around in a graveyard and you find something remarkable. In this case I was actually looking for something Mark Fairchild, my fellow explorer of Turkey told me about— a grave stele for someone named Papias, …Read More

 My fellow United Methodist, Jeff Foxworthy has made a living off of redneck jokes. I once shared a stage with him at the North Georgia Conference. Though I am a southern boy, I couldn’t hold a candle to him. He’s …Read More

Hierapolis was a critical city for early Christianity, being the home not only of Philip the Evangelist’s prophesying daughters but also of Papias, the famous bishop who wrote the first comentary on ‘Our Lord’s Oracles’ in several books. What can …Read More

    CHANGING A LIGHT BULB THE CHRISTIAN WAY How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb? Charismatic : Only 1 Hands are already in the air. Pentecostal : 10 One to change the bulb, and nine …Read More

Behold one of the archaeologists in charge of the dig at the enormous agora in Izmir (Biblical Smyrna). O.K. this may not be your mental image of an archaeologist, but you need to adjust your thinking in that case.  The …Read More

While you may be amazed at this,  it is nonetheless true that when you survey the works of Biblical theology available to us, very seldom does the subject of a theology of work come up.  You look in vain for …Read More

Picture courtesy of In the what’s the U.S. coming to department, we have now learned that the U.S Army has been burning Bibles in Aghanistan to prevent them from being given to Afghans and influencing them. This apparently has …Read More