Becoming Great
May 2014 Archives

One of the first assignments I give to my clients, no matter what their plight may be is for them to go celebrate themselves and relax and be selfish for a moment in a healthy way.  I do realize that …Read More

I had a client who was so richly blessed but he couldn’t see it because his definition of success or riches was in material things.  We’ve all heard that the best things in life are free. I think for a …Read More

We all have a story or narrative that constantly plays over and over again in our lives. As a Life Coach, I’ve had many clients tell  me their stories of hurt and pain.  The problem is that our narratives of …Read More

I recalled a young man telling me that he has an image to maintain.  I looked at him in shock, but then I understood the growing trend of making sure we look good at all times whether its in public, …Read More

If I were to ask you to name five things about yourself that make you wonderful, would you have to think or would you be able to spit them out quickly? It’s important that we know how valuable and important …Read More

I’m going to be transparent. One of my biggest obstacles in life has been my battle with self torment and comparison. I’ve often felt that I’ve missed out on so much in life because I chose a very much different …Read More

Being misunderstood in life is one of the greatest tragedies to experience. I often found myself in life explaining myself over and over again.  It hurt me deeply to be perceived a certain way.  However, one of the greatest joys …Read More

Today I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful kids at a charter school here in New York.  I always love getting asked questions.  And in true form my expectations were met.  One young lady, Regine, asked me how does …Read More