During my morning meditation I was given some wonderful wisdom from the Archangels. Three archangels appeared to me surrounded by purple  and gold light. Each of them carrying a star tetrahedron they gifted to me. The meditation brought me such a sense of peace and calm, I thought I would share a bit of my experiences working with these beautiful, benevolent beings of light.

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Archangel Metatron is a fantastic archangel to work with. When the energy seems a bit much, ask for him to help to balance your energy. He will clear your chakras and help you learn to clear and fortify your energy field. This helps to keep you on an even keel, even during turbulent times. I have been working this beloved archangel as long as I can remember. I didn’t call him by any name unless I was calling him in for something, but he is was always around me. Invite him to work with you if you need to get focused, to help you prioritize, and get motivated. He is like your spiritual coach!

Anyone dealing with a challenging teenager will be thrilled to work with this archangel. During those fun years, I often invoked Metatron with Mother Mary to help smooth the way. They would bring us both back into balance and calm things down.

Archangel Raziel has been hanging out quite a bit lately. That usually means I am ready to take my understanding of life, the Universe, and everything to a new level, especially with Metatron in the group. Raziel helps us to understand spiritual truths. Each layer reveals another level of understanding. While Metatron worked more with bodies, Raziel place his symbol into my third eye. I felt a huge opening up of my crown chakra into others dimensions. Once again, a big wave of energy went through me and took me to an even deeper, bigger level than I felt with just Metetron’s healing. I am reminded of the importance of doing my spiritual work to make things happen.

And the third wise man to visit me this day with a gift was Archangel Zadkiel. He shared his symbol over my crown chakra where I felt a strengthening in my connection to the other realms. Zadkiel can help you to connect with higher realms. Amethyst is his crystal. When he is around, that means I need to pay more attention to the signs. Life is so much easier when we have his guidance. Any struggles I am having are because I have been ignoring them!

When I was finished assimilating all of the energy, I felt amazing. My physical self didn’t really feel that different. My emotional, mental, and spiritual self felt astounding.

Your Angel Guidance is to be open to the wisdom of the Wise Ones:

Make time to invite these archangels to your meditation! See who shows up, or invite some of them in. Be open and let them guide the experience. It just might surprise you!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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