We are in a new reality and a new kind of spirituality is at hand, and the Archangel to work with during this rebirth is Archangel Zadkiel. Are you willing to let go and shed all this in-authenticity and be who you really are?

spiritual rebirth

It has been a bit of an adventurous time you have  been going through and a bit of adjustment is now being called for. It is a time for inspired action in the direction of your dreams and making moves in creating the kind of life you desire. Move forward with confidence knowing that you are all stepping into a new reality. Things will work differently here so be prepared for change because ready or not, it is here and you are here,right where you are supposed to be all along. Amazing, things are exactly as they were planned to be!

Surrender your old stories and change your perception of yourself. You are no longer that person and the new one is going to be pretty amazing. Don’t be afraid to let them go. As your old life fades and crumbles, it makes space for something  new to be built in its place. You are no longer the person others want you to be. You are no longer the person you thought you wanted to be. It is good to let go of what no longer is so you can reinvent the you that has been mastering life’s challenges.

Remember, you are no longer bound to an old code and in this new energy the potential is unlimited. The only limits here are the ones you place on you and you now know that you can create a life of bigger dreams. Let the metamorphosis unfold and emerge into this most magnificent new you.

In this new energy you will know the power of your thoughts and feelings. Setting healthy boundaries with those you love will be paramount to your well-being and you will understand how important that is. Strive for balance and know that indulging once in awhile is okay. What is most important is that you give life to your dreams and make them your focus. You are important and you are here to have a grand adventure. It is time to re-remember who you truly are  and see your own magnificence. The time to act is now! Let the new adventure begin, you are ready for this.

Archangel Zadkiel works on the 7th Ray of Transformation. He can help you to bridge your heart and your mind to higher thoughts and feelings and bring you into this new age.

Your Angel Guidance is to reinvent yourself with the guidance of Archangel Zadkiel.

Dare to do things differently and manifest the life of your dreams. All is possible now that you are re-birthing into this new energy and it is time to move on to something more. You will feel inspiration to take action towards your dreams. Live in the moment and look for the signs to guide you. They will be there!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


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