When you master the power of thoughts, life begins to change in dramatic ways. The key is in understanding your feelings. The fastest way to get you there is to lighten up, chill out, and have some fun.


The reason you feel emotions is because of the chemicals that are released into your body. The reason these chemicals are released in your body is because of the thoughts you think. Once you master the thoughts you carry, you are better able to master the world of feelings. If you aren’t thinking negative thoughts, your vibration is higher, and you naturally find yourself in a positive space.

When you criticize yourself, feel unworthy, or put yourself down in some way, you are disconnected from your true self, your inner being, your higher self. When this happens, it is harder to find inspiration, feel connected to others, or even feel love. You literally create a barrier between you and source energy and it becomes harder and harder to be in this world.

Remember, no matter how justified you are in that negative emotion, it is what is stopping you from moving forward. You are literally messing up your future. Begin by finding moments that feel good and draw from them. Take the Angel Challenge and start the next 30 days off with positive thoughts and feelings and don’t miss a day. Watch how the magic and the light comes back into your life.

Your Angel Guidance is a Challenge to spend at least ten minutes each morning for the next 30 days learning about the Power of Thoughts and Feelings. In this book, write only wonderful thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life.

Get yourself a journal or notebook to begin to this challenge. Only write wonderful thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life. When you spend time every day on wonderful thoughts and feelings, you will manifest the biggest dreams you have ever had. Begin today and change your life in a positive way.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels


A great way work with your angels is to get Sharon’s wonderful book at  Angel Guidance, Messages of Love and Healing or get a kindle and read a page everyday!

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