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HAPPINESS JARS! What a grand idea. Create a jar or a box to write down your happiest moments. This will help you see and remember the happiest moments of each day. It will also help you program you to become more aware of these moments and have better days!

happiness jars

What are Happiness Jars? It is a simple and magical tool that can help you transform your life. You get yourself a jar or a box and every day, at the end of the day, you take a slip of paper and write down on it the happiest moment of the day. Even on lousy days, you do this. Even on lousy days, there is one best moment (or at least, one least-worst moment.)

Put that little piece of paper in the jar. Over the years, you will create a record of your happiness. On your bad days, reach into your happiness jar and go fishing for a happy memory.  As you pull out a handful of great moments that you probably would have forgotten about had you not recorded them, you can transform yourself to happier time.  This is also an amazing legacy your loved ones can find one day after you have gone and share in your life in a new way. What a treasure box this could become.

Over the years, your Happiness Jar will have much to share. What continually amazes me is what ends up on the slip of paper every day.  They are not always awesome events or not huge achievements but usually  a small and tiny thing or a moment of awareness that has made a difference. Make it a practice to start a new jar every year on your birthday or the new year.

I know that many of you have started this practice in some way.  I love seeing the pictures and memories in my jar. How can you create a Happiness Jar?  Get your whole family a Jar or box, especially the children and start a life long practice today that can help to shape their world in a positive way. Do it as a part of your nighttime practice as a family. What a great idea to make a hand made gift for someone you love!

Your Angel Guidance is to create some Happiness Jars and write about the happiest moment of your day and put it in your jar.

Get yourself a jar or a special box and every day, at the end of the day, get a slip of paper and write down on it the happiest moment of the day. Do this every day. When you have a tough day, you have created the best resource in the world to help to shift your perspective and your day.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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