How can I open my 3rd Eye? is a question I get asked a lot. Here is a message to assist you with Archangel Raziel leading the way!

3rd eye opening

When you begin to work with your 3rd eye chakra, you might find that your third eye tingles, feel itchy, or even sore. Also, you might feel pressure or a head ache if you are holding in too much energy in your head. When this happens, close your eyes and ask your angels to help you. Use a crystal such as clear quartz or selenite to help enhance your visions and enjoy the process that is unfolding. If you find that too much is going on at times, ask your angels to dial it back a bit and regain your footing.  You will learn to adjust and have more control as you practice.

So, let us take a moment now and begin to ignite your pineal gland and open it to the higher realms. As we begin to attune you and open up your third eye, relax and let the process unfold.  Close your eyes and call upon my light to open up your crown chakra and then your 3rd eye. As I stand behind you and begin my work, you should start to feel activity in your third eye. Visions or flashes of colours and lights swirling about like the energy of the cosmos. There can be tingling or activity in your crown area as well. Release any fears and let the process unfold and feel the warmth flow over you as our work is done.

For those who are eager for more, place a piece of lapis lazuli on your third eye or wear or carry the stone with you when you are working with enhancing this sense. Clear quartz with all the beautiful colours of the rainbow can also help you connect. Each beautiful crystal holds within it a message that you can begin understand as you work with opening your abilities to sense and see more.

Allow the process to unfold at your own speed. There is no hurry; there is no race. Envision your 3rd eye unfurling like the petals of a lotus blossom. Soon you will find that there is so much more to see and experience all around you. Begin to awaken the Magi within and let the mystical and magical creations unfold. Blessed Be my beloveds,  Archangel Raziel.

Your Angel Guidance is to Ask Archangel Raziel help you to open your 3rd Eye:

It is easy to ask your angels for help. Meditation will help you and then just ask and be open. Archangel Raziel’s name means “Secret of God,” and this archangel will help you understand esoteric spiritual ideas and apply them in practical ways. He is the wizard and the alchemist of the archangel realm. He is surrounded by a golden yellow aura. His energy is that of a wise old wizard and he has much to share.

Call upon Raziel before you engage in any spiritual teachings and he will assist you in better understanding the many levels that is layered into the process as well as to unlock the mysteries stored within your encoded DNA.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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