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It’s Portland’s oldest burial ground. It’s been listed by National Geographic Magazine as one of the world’s top ten must-see cemeteries. And judging by the panties and malt liquor empties that we found during a recent daytime walk-through, there’s no […]

10 months into our Church Tour 2011, I’ve come to a few conclusions. For one, church gets done best when it serves people who need religion the most. Whether by dint of circumstances beyond their control (often financial and mental […]

All summer I had to drive by the Hare Krishna house on my way to beauty school a mere three blocks and every day I drove by and thought, “WE SHOULD GO THERE.” But then I’d finish school, run out […]

Ever been so angered by one of our posts you wished you could get a piece of us? Now you can! By special arrangement with the Alfred Hitchcock Geek House of Merchandise, we have lovingly applied the graphic above to […]

If you’re a man or woman “of a certain age,” you probably associate the Hare Krishna religion with your local airport. Once upon a time you could find them proselytizing—or, if that failed, accepting donations—as people got off the plane. […]

Last week we visited the Hare Krishna church and, just in case you’re wondering how we felt about it, stop back FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING and find out. But today we decided to take the kids into Old Town (where […]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder what a video (or three) is worth? Joel, the hardcore hometown Portland boy (who still refuses to admit he doesn’t live there anymore…) did such a good job describing the […]

Question: Name one place where you can get married, hear your fortune and gaze admiringly at a spinning kewpie doll any time day or night? Okay, there’s probably a 900 number for that. But how many of those are presided […]

Yesterday we tromped down to China town in the rain for a visit to the 24-Hour COIN-OP Church of Elvis. Come back in a day or two to read all about it and see video footage of Joel and I […]