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  The little things we do for happiness count!  I think we live in a world that always promises better things, when what we truly need is often right in front of us!  Do you agree?   You are lucky if….. […]

Come on everybody, let’s work together… That sounds like a cheesy line from a song, but isn’t it true? How often have you been stressed out, wiped out, or just plain out, and then something miraculous happens. A friend drops […]

What can you accomplish in 30 seconds? Can you change someones day, make someones day, feel inspired, save a life? What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve ever done in 30 seconds? What are some  positive things we do everyday that take […]

Question: What’s the one thing (other than your family, friends, or pets) that always boosts your mood, no matter how grumpy you are feeling? The one thing that always makes me feel better is, random acts of kindness. Doing something nice […]

  I post many inspirational quotes on this blog.  Most are short, to the point, and make you think about your own life. So here are 3 for this Monday afternoon. “Willingness to forgive yourself is a necessary step to being at […]