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Release all worries and regrets!

What can you accomplish in 30 seconds? Can you change someones day, make someones day, feel inspired, save a life?

What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve ever done in 30 seconds? What are some  positive things we do everyday that take minimal time and collectively make our society happier as a whole?

I am thinking about this very question right now…..

I believe for me, it’s the small acts of kindness that lead to true happiness. The “good deeds” that take less than 30 seconds inspire and motivate me for far longer. Things such as, holding a door for someone who is unable, stopping the train door for a busy mother, and writing inspiring notes to cheer up loved ones. I’ve written a longer than anticipated 30 seconds to accomplishment ( and happiness ) list, I could go on and on…

My Simple 30 seconds to accomplishment  list :

Call a loved one



Hold the door for a stranger

Practice deep breathing



Send an email….

Walk around your desk four times or to the elavator and back

Open a can or bag of vegetables

Pour and drink cold water

Hug someone


This list could get really long….


What positive things can you accomplish in 30 seconds?  Share your positive experience(s)!


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