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You can make a difference!

It feels like Monday  today,  that’s not a bad thing…  I attribute it to the hurricane mayhem this past weekend. I feel lucky and blessed that the extent of my water damage. was limited to my mail box and all of it’s contents. I hope your damage was minimal also.

Today I bring you 5 Ways to Make a Difference.

1) Buy Used: The best way to cut down on packaging and consumerism is to buy used. Look in the classifieds and yard sales the next time you need to make a big purchase ( or even a little one).

2) Quality of Life:  What can you do that would improve the quality of your life right now? Think of the things you keep postponing because you are waiting for more money, a better apartment, a new job, or because of some other excuse. Are these real obstacles? Focus on one thing that would make you truly happy and write out a plan to get you there.

3) Meet the People : Call your City Council and go to the next meeting. And if you don’t care for city politics how about a neighborhood group, or a professional organization that interests you. Find a group you can relate to, contribute to, and benefit from. 

4) Your Elders: Spend some time with an older person. Is there a shelter someone you know  whose life experiences would make an interesting oral history project. Enrich your life by sharing it with a people from a range of generations.

5) Culture Mind Expansion: You can take advantage of the wide variety of cultures living in this country to learn more about cultural differences and similarities- without having to travel thousands of miles. Culturally expand your mind as often as you can.

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