On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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My elderly father succumbed to a stroke. Then bed bugs arrived in the house I just completed decorating. The creepy, blood-sucking insects infested again and again. Thirdly, a new friend turned postal…frightening me with her behavior.My world teetered dangerously out […]

I know regret. Really well. Open doors I walked through turned out to have ugly surprises—a contentious boss, a backstabbing friend, or a guy who just wanted to use me. A new city I thought was the pot at the […]

Are people ignoring you or being inconsiderate? Treating you like your input doesn’t matter, or you don’t even exist? Stop what you are doing right now and, instead, do your Work. Your Work–with a capital “W”–is the thing you were […]

It’s crazy. Our true personhood and calling flow from desiring to give something of ourselves to help others. However, others are also the #1 squelcher of our personhood and calling. How so? Abusive authority figures teach us to watch our […]

Growing up I had a minor role in my parents’ story: Move from the farm into town and work day and night plus pinch every penny to save enough money to buy a house. Later I teamed up with my […]

Do you feel called to something? Have a cause you are passionate about? Know your life purpose?  If so, have you written it down? Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser says writing down your dream or goal is the first step to […]

The news isn’t good: One in four Americans are obese (some stats say one in three). One in ten US adults are suffering from depression. 9% are diabetic and our overall standard of health is on the decline. We are […]

In the middle of life everything crashed—my husband walked out, our teenagers left home, I lost my house, friends slithered away and my career suffered from my lack of being able to show up for it. I felt lost. In […]