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President Barack Obama passed a key test Monday night in case anybody is worried that he is the Antichrist. Speaking at a campaign fundraiser at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, Obama was interrupted by a man identified as David Serrano who repeatedly yelled that “Jesus is […]

Asked by Joy Behar onHeadline News whether America would vote for a “fat” candidate for President, controversial film-maker Michael Moore, who has never been accused of being too skinny, responded that most of America is fat and would probably identify […]

Are there irreconcilable differences between faith and science? Not in the opinion of prominent scientists who participated in a five-year study by Rice University. Researchers there found that only a minority of scientists questioned at major research universities say that religion and science required […]

Two books, one containing an explicit depiction of statutory lesbian rape, and the other a homosexual orgy, have been removed from local schools’ required reading lists by outraged New Jersey parents. “The texts, Norwegian Wood and Tweak: Growing up on Methamphetamines, originally […]

Should Christians such as Billy Graham who read aloud the Bible’s admonitions against “sin” be banned from the airwaves for using “hateful speech”?   The Southern Poverty Law Center thinks so — recommending that the national press should blacklist — refuse to quote […]

Back in 1956, before it was illegal to read the Bible in school or have an opening prayer before class started, busloads of American kids excitedly went on field trips to their local theater to see Cecil B. DeMille’s epic […]

“The Last Word” show host Lawrence O’Donnell lashed out at the Almighty as well as the Book of Revelation last night on the “Rewrite” segment of his news commentary show. He’s MSNBC’s Senior Political Analyst as well as the Emmy-winning producer […]

Five shrinking denominations generally regarded as “liberal” now have their own translation of the Bible. “There are a number of translations available for conservative churches,” spokesman Paul Franklyn told the Nashville Tennessean newspaper. Now, the liberal churches have theirs, the […]

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli recently told a group of 250 pastors that the churches are not only permitted — but also expected — to speak out on political issues. He encouraged the pastors to give “guidance on issues that fall […]

Julie Bass got the idea from First Lady Michelle Obama — why not plant what during World War II was called a “Victory Garden” — a small veggie garden in her yard? After all, “The price of organic food is […]