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(This is part of the “Ask An Astrologer” series, where I occasionally try to demonstrate how getting a consultation can genuinely help and provide real guidance, using real-life examples. Want to find out for yourself? There’s a link to my […]

We create our own dramas for our own amusement, and frequently participate in the dramas of others for the same reason. This is one of the reasons why television is so popular, and part of the reason why we get […]

Ah, the Full Moon. Is there anything that causes more agitation? The answer is, obviously, “yes.” But fear not, oh Astrology Fan, a Full Moon never killed anyone. Well, okay — to be accurate — a Full Moon never killed […]

One more article about that thing that happened on Tuesday, and then — unlike most of your Facebook friends — I’ll be done talking about it. Honest! This is not a blog entry about politics, by the way. It’s more […]

If you’ve been doing astrology readings for people as long as I have, there are a couple of things you soon learn. One is that the transits which cause people the most trouble will eventually end to be replaced with […]

TODAY’S STARTLING NEWS STORIES: -The Sun rose and the Sun set. -Some people were born and others died. -People argued about politics somewhere. -A movie based on a Marvel Comics property made a buttload of money on opening weekend. Yes, […]

(Neptune is in Pisces, and is currently conjunct the South Node, as it has been for about a month now, and has another month or so to go. This is like a double dose of delusion. Lucky you, you’re totally […]

Here’s the most important astrological forecast of the month. Really? Yes! Why? Knowing when the Moon Void of Course is happening is probably the handiest of all the common astrological techniques. Learn it, make it work for you, and save […]

Previously, I illustrated how the major aspects worked by describing how Mercury and Mars would interact while in a long line-up to get their Driver’s Licenses renewed (click here if you missed it). Also previously, I picked on the minor […]

I’ve written about the aspects — how planets in your birth chart interact with each other — before, and yet it seems the subject needs more explanation. Here, for example, are the major aspects as seen through the Star Wars […]