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(EDITOR’S NOTE: This blog entry contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones up to, but not including, tonight’s season finale. Given the nature of the show, here’s hoping the subject of today’s blog entry doesn’t die, but who knows? Secondly: Matthew, […]


“Float like a butterfly sting like a bee – his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see.” -Muhammad Ali, 1974 Possibly the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, has died. There will of course be the usual outpouring […]


As almost everyone on the Internet knows by now, on Saturday there was an incident at the Cincinnati Zoo where a three year old child wandered into the gorilla enclosure, resulting in staff killing Harambe, a male gorilla. *** Before […]


The Sign: Pisces, the Fish The Hero: Groot, Guardians Of The Galaxy Known For: Doesn’t look intimidating, and isn’t… until he very suddenly becomes very intimidating. Lives with his best friend. Actually, his best friend lives on Groot, but he’s […]

The Sign: Aquarius, the Water Bearer The Hero: Superman, DC Comics and various works Known For: Leaving his dying world behind as an infant and becoming the greatest protector of his new-found home world, despite both being an undocumented alien […]

The Sign: Capricorn, the Goat The Hero: Sarah Connor, the Terminator films Known For: Transforming herself from a meek waitress into a human killing machine in order to protect her son from inhuman killing machines, because that was the only […]

The Sign: Sagittarius, the Archer The Hero: The Doctor, Doctor Who Known For: Wandering through time and space, never quite showing up where or when he planned to, stumbling into a situation where he could get killed but surviving and […]

The Sign: Scorpio, the Scorpion The Hero: Walter White, Breaking Bad Known For: Creating “Heisenberg Blue,” the purest and most popular crystal meth in the American Southwest (and eventually Europe), as a creative way to finance his medical treatment for […]

The Sign: Libra, the Balance The Hero: Emma Peel, The Avengers (TV series) Known For: Solving weird and complicated threats to Britain as an intrepid amateur alongside her dapper professional espionage partner John Steed — and yet never, ever coming […]

The Sign: Virgo, the virgin The Hero: Sherlock Holmes, various works by Arthur Conan Doyle and others Known For: A keen intellect, almost supernatural deductive powers, compulsively driven to see the Universe put back in its proper order…  that is, […]